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Thrive and guests take a bow to a sold out audience
Thrive and guests take a bow to a sold out audience

Last year, shows were entirely sold out- WEEKS in advance. Will YOU be on stage when history repeats itself?


"Learn How To Get AWESOME Hip Hop Dance Training, Discover How To TURBO-CHARGE Your Hip Hop Dance And Performance Skills... And Have Your Chance To Throw Down In One Of Toronto's HOTTEST Hip Hop Dance Showcases Of The Year!"

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING IMMEDIATELY- and read below to find out how YOU can be part of this special, once a year summer dance training and sold-out show...


Shawn & Jeff From: Shawn B and Jeff W
Date: Tuesday, 10:19 am
Re: Hip Hop Dance Summer Camp

Are you an experienced dancer, looking for a hip hop dance camp that will teach you hot dance choreography- from high-caliber instructors?

Do you want the best hip hop training, and want to feel what it's like to be at the top of your game… but can't seem to find the right dance company in Toronto to learn from?

We can totally relate to the frustration.

Being dancers ourselves, we've been through the ups and downs… first you try to find somewhere to improve your dance abilities, and sometimes it takes forever to finally find a dance school you like.

Then there are some of us who have taken dance class for a long time, but sometimes you just don't feel like you're improving or getting anywhere.

And then you get bored.

To top that, you feel like you don't get the opportunity to show off the skills that you DID learn!

Well, have we got news for you! Here's why your life's gonna change this year...

Thrive! is an urban dance choreography and production company, run by great friends and dance instructors Jeff Wong and Shawn Byfield. We have created hot choreography for TV, video and live shows, produced numerous high energy dance showcases and offer intense dance classes and workshops throughout Canada. You can learn more about us here.

Shhh... Here's Why We're Toronto's Best-Kept Secret

So how did we start up this whole thing? Well it goes a little somethin' like this...

There used to be three of us, now there's two. We sat down for dinner years ago, and analyzed the local dance situation in Toronto.

Based on our observations, feedback from aspiring dancers and our own professional experience, we came up with some important questions:

Where do dancers train when they really want to perform?

Who pushes them to the limit?

Where will they go to get valuable feedback on their skills?

How will they get professional advice and tips?

How can they put their hard-earned money to better use?

Who was going to solve all these problems?

We also wanted an outlet to showcase our own choreography. We'd create great dance routines in class, and had a pretty good following...

...but sometimes, that was as far as it would go. New class, new routine, new class, new routine... We also needed a challenge!

So we decided it was time to help experienced dancers like you- dancers that have been training for a few years, reach that next level in dance.

So many people asking for more, but no-one was listening. Our eyes were open... then finally, we opened our ears too.

Somebody had to step in and give the dance scene what they were looking for. And by helping you, we could benefit too.

After much thought and planning...

We Came Up With The ULTIMATE Solution For You-
And Created The Thrive! Dance Crew

Join the company!As experienced dance teachers and choreographers, Thrive! Entertainment provides an exclusive, one-of-a-kind training program for dancers who want to perform on stage, get into shape, receive positive feedback, learn awesome choreography and improve their skills.

We have group rehearsals usually twice a week, and the sessions average 12 weeks.

It's a fun filled, three-month, hip hop dance party!

Our rehearsals are fun, give you an intense push and move at a quick pace.

Each group learns new choreography EVERY class, so you'll need to review and remember everything that is taught BEFORE you come to the next day's class. That's how we do.

"Nice to be a part of a show that was so organized and professional."

Shawn and Jeff:

Thank you so very much for an amazing show! I was blown away with the performance. Everyone who we brought to the show were amazed at you guys and all the dancers!

Courtney was so happy to be a part of Thrive! It was so nice to be a part of a show that was so organized and professional. You guys are absolutely the best!
Rob and myself thank you for giving Courtney the opportunity to be a part of the best dance crew in town! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Thank you again!!!

PS I hope you continue this for a long time because Courtney's little sister is wanting to dance with you guys! Again thank you.

- Melody and Rob Muir (Parents)

"Dancing my sweet lil heart out!

Hey boys!

Well I just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! Working with you guys this summer was awesome!

I cant thank you enough for giving me the opportunity of working with you and dancing my sweet lil heart out in such an amazing show!!! I will definitely miss it! So thanks again!!

- Sarah Cain (Company member)

"You're a great inspiration to all"

Dearest Shawn,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you've done this past summer. Thrive was an amazing experience and I'm really thankful for having been a part of it.

You're a great inspiration to all those in the dance business and its no wonder you have people stopping you and telling you they loved everything about the show (and I'm not just saying that to be nice, i mean it).

You and Jeff created a positive and open environment that is greatly appreciated. I loved working with you and can only hope that in the future we can work together again. Thanks for everything :) Keep in touch!

- Katie Bekker (Company member)


How to QUICKLY build up your dance resume experience

How to get WICKED hip hop training

How to MEET NEW PEOPLE and make AMAZING friends


How to master new hip hop choreography

...And so much more!

Here's Just A Few Thrive Memories From Past Years

Shawn Byfield chillin' with Juniors in rehearsal
Shawn B chillin' with Juniors in rehearsal

Thrive Assistants tearin' up the stage
Thrive Assistants tearin' up the stage

Nexx Level dancers share the stage with Thrive!
Nexx Level dancers share the stage with Thrive!

Three Serious Questions You Should Ask Yourself RIGHT NOW

We'll tell you right now, you SERIOUSLY won't get this kind of professional dance training in just any old dance studio. We've been listening to what you want, and we totally know how you feel.

Before you continue, ask yourself these three questions...

1) Are you ready to get the MOST out of your summer?

2) Do you want to be that dancer EVERYONE talks highly about?

3) Are you willing to dance and work hard to ACHIEVE that goal?

We're looking for the hype dancer who has previous dance training, dance technique and isn't afraid to perform in front of others.

We look for dancers who want to: improve their game; gain more dance knowledge; and learn all that we can throw at them.

Does any of this sound like you?

Why You Should Throw Away Everything You Know
About Summer Camp

Workin' in rehearsalJust so you know, our one-of-a-kind summer dance program has been running for years. You can be sure to get the most out of our numerous years of teaching all ages of dancers across the country.

Sure, you can sign up for dance camp somewhere else. There's tons of them to choose from, with a variety of dance teachers.

Just to warn you, they might not have the successful track record we have... So if you try them out, have fun and good luck.

You'll quickly learn that it's SO not the same. We approach things a little differently in our camp.

We're looking for people who love dance just as much as we do.

We're looking for dancers that have a burning desire to succeed. And we want people who are HUNGRY for more, and love dancing.

Do YOU have that fire?

If so, this is totally where you need to be! If you're ready for that next step, here's what we have in store for you...

Experience The Thrive! Method To Get The MOST
Out Of Summer. Some Of What You'll Learn:

One of the guys showin' killer moves
One of the guys showin' killer moves

How to get three months of fun dance training- with experienced and professional dance choreographers

How to get a chance to learn hot dance choreography every week

How to get a guaranteed physical workout- and shift your body into 4th gear

How to receive one-on-one personal feedback- to help you improve faster

How to master different hip hop styles, and become more versatile in your performance skills

How to get your hands on some hot tunes, and dance hard to some great music

How to get an intense mental workout (you'll be learning a lot!)

How to improve your creative performance- and get helpful tips to improve your free styling skills

How to learn in a positive, energetic and motivating "family" atmosphere

How to get an opportunity to meet and make wicked new friends- who also share your passion for dance

How to be in a scheduled learning environment- that will help you improve your time management skills

How to find some creative new ideas you can apply to your own dance classes or hip hop choreography

How to build your endurance, and take your new strength with you from class to class

How to finally feel how regular rehearsals keep your body in better physical shape each week

How to look good in awesome dance gear- that you get to throw down in and keep when it's all over

How to experience the sometimes grueling rehearsal process- and what it is like to be involved in a demanding company

How to learn to work with others as part of a group (remember, there's no "I" in TEAM!)

As you can see, being a Thrive! dance crew member is a pretty big deal!

And we want you to stay informed. You'll always get first-hand knowledge on what we're up to, what other events we're planning, upcoming dance auditions, etc.

We've also done film and television, TV commercials and other types of events. We're gonna share with you all our first-hand experience from being involved in the entertainment industry.

Are you starting to see how this program can benefit you?

Can you picture yourself in one of our rehearsals- sweaty, dancing hard, learning great moves, and loving every minute?

Before Reading Any Further- There's Something You MUST Know

Tangara, Shawn B & Jeff watching the auditions
Tangara, Shawn B & Jeff watching the auditions

Now, before you jump out of your seat, there's an important point we'd like to emphasize.

We're very demanding in rehearsals, and expect you to be at ALL practices.This year, we'll be rehearsing twice a week on weekends.

*We'll only give you more details at the audition.*

If you're REALLY serious about doing something inspiring with your summer, and dancing hard... you need to be there.

>> If you feel that things are going to come up in your schedule, and you'll have to miss rehearsals because of [excuse], [excuse] and [excuse]...


Excuses won't make you successful. 90% of success is just showing up.

With that said, you need to make a decision RIGHT NOW to give 100% commitment to practice times. That means you need to BE THERE every rehearsal.

Are you willing to do that?

Are you willing to give what it takes?

Because, that's the ONLY way you'll get the most out of our program. There's WAY too much choreography to learn, trust us. Being away, even once- makes it harder for you AND the rest of the team. Don't be the one to let everyone down.

Besides, other companies sometimes expect you to be there FIVE days a week! So, we're really not asking much.

To put it bluntly, you're not doing anyone a favour- especially YOURSELF- if you're not there.

So if you know right now that you can't commit to all rehearsals, and will have excuses and schedule conflicts , THIS IS WHERE YOU STOP READING.


Have a great summer, and maybe we'll see you next year. Thanks for visiting.

Just hit the BACK button in your browser.



Make Some Noise!
This Could Be The Summer You'll Never Forget

Juniors on stage!

Good, thanks for not wasting any more time. We're glad you made a decision, because this could be the summer you'll remember for years to come!

And what better way to wrap things up, than with an exciting dance showcase!

* Why? Because... what good is intense training for three months if nobody gets to see what you've done, and how well you've progressed?

Almost everyone that feels good about achieving their goals likes to share that experience, no? We produce a fun showing of all the choreography you've learned in your time with us, and you'll feel good about showing off.

Not just any old small, in-studio showing… we put your show up in one of the best dance theatres in Toronto (we'll give you more details in person).

Yup, it's a big deal. We actually create posters, make flyers, send press releases and sell tickets so your family, friends and the public can watch you enjoy yourself in one of the best-selling dance shows in the city. Nice!

Make Some NOISE And Show Off Your New Skills
In Our Hot-Selling, Once-A-Year Dance Showcase

Wouldn't you love to tell your friends that you're going to be performing in a really cool show?

You know they BETTER come and watch you dance! Now you can:

Feel the energy of a professional dance theatre- with a real crew, real sound, real lights and more!

Enjoy the rush you'll feel when you hear "Dancers, this is 15... 10... 5 minutes to show time" called over the p.a. system

Hear the audience get excited as they cheer and applaud for you- giving you a quick boost of confidence

Feel the adrenaline pump into your body- giving you the "juice" to dance even harder than before

Finally have the chance to get familiar and hang with other dance pros, and make more connections in the industry

Experience specialized lighting and music cues- set and designed by professional lighting technicians

Master your dance moves on stage- and feel how much more space you have around you compared to the studio

Execute fun group spacing, and really work your entrances and exits

Learn some of the technical language used in the theatre- skills you can take with you for life

Give your dance resume more weight- add your new training and professional stage performance experience

Benefit from learning what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES, and how a professional show is put together

Invite friends and family to watch YOU perform in this killer showcase- and watch their faces light up when they see how much you've improved...

and so much more

You'll have an ENTIRE WEEKEND of Thrive! hysteria.

High Five! Get Ready To Taste The Sweetness.

Then enjoy the overwhelming rush and compliments you'll receive when your friends and folks and random audience members tell you how much they enjoyed watching you, and how much they loved the show.

Damn right it's exciting!

Just the showcase alone is good enough reason why you NEED to be learning from us.

We've been doing this for years and loving every minute. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read what others who were involved had to say:

"You guys make me want to be a better dancer/performer"

Hey Shawn B!!!!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an AWESOME summer! Thrive was the best thing I did all summer. It honestly filled a void, because I hadn't danced at all the year before (university and all). And I honestly learned SO much from the both of you.

You guys make me want to be a better dancer/performer all the time because you're so inspiring. You and Jeff were awesome with all of us and did a great job with all of our dances and the show.

Everyone I know LOVED it and they're all coming to watch it next year. It's weird not having to go to rehearsals anymore... I miss it so much! Until next year though!

- Naina Lal (Company Member)

"One heck of an amazing show."

Ok... GUYS ...AMAZING!!!! Once again you have put on one heck of an amazing show.

This was my daughter Melissa's 2nd year with you and Jeff and your outstanding leaders, I can't thank you enough for what she has learned in your classes. I am most positive she will be back again next year.

And in her words ""Mom.. Shawn and Jeff's classes are THE BEST"

- Marianne Di Pede (Parent)

"Loves the quick pace, high energy and, of course, the choreography."

Thanks, Shawn.

Just so you know, Adam is having a great time.  He loves the quick pace, high energy and, of course, the choreography. 

I wondered if Thrive would be able to "funk-a-fy" the suburban "preppy-type" kid this summer and it looks like you are having some success.  He's already talking about next summer!

- Beth Thomson (Parent)

"I am really sad to say good bye...."

Oh my gosh ...  I just want to thank you for all of your time and dedication. I have had the time of my life and I am really sad to say good bye.... I don’t know about you ... but I have to say this year was one ill NEVER forget... you really do have some amazing dancers out there ....and you two have great talent as well.... so many many thanks goes out to the both of you .... I REALLY LOOK FOWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR.... I CAN’T WAIT! I wish you the best of luck with your movie Shawn .... And the best of luck dancing JEFF.... ill see you soon ... so one again THANK YOU... :p:p:p

- Courtney Muir (Company Member)


Would you like to know how to get the ball rolling?


Jeff teaching an audition routine
Jeff teaching an audition routine

Now, it would be easy to let just anyone participate. But that's not how this program works.

If you're SERIOUS about wanting more for yourself, you can ONLY experience our offer by being selected at our next audition.


We are looking for EXPERIENCED DANCERS- that is, dancers with PREVIOUS TRAINING. We want to give you the real world experience and in most cases, that's how you get hired.

So if you have the skills, the experience and the heart, come show us what you got!

* It all starts with TAKING ACTION. Plan to get yourself to the audition NOW. *

Once you've proven that you can make it there, the next step is to show us your skills. You'll be taught some CHALLENGING choreography, and you'll get a moment to show us what else you have up your sleeve!

But if you're NOT at the audition, we won't see you…

...You'll miss out on the whole audition process…

...And you'll miss out on the chance to be in an amazing dance session.

Each time we run a Thrive! session, we always manage to have a really great time- and we're sure that won't change anytime soon!

This is Toronto's number-one dance training and performance company. We give you the step-by-step coaching and insider experience you need to build your confidence and passion toward dance.

You Get Our Combined Strengths, All Our Experience-
And A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee that you'll enjoy your experience with us- we've had many successful shows and dance sessions, and it only gets better with each one.

We love what we do, and seriously believe you'll enjoy what we have to offer.

But if for some reason after all the rehearsals, the new friendships you've made and the show is over, you feel that you didn't improve, weren't challenged or didn't learn a thing, we'll give you all of your money back. That's right- we'll cut you a cheque for your entire payment to us.

We want your experience with us to be risk-free, so if you weren't satisfied with your time with us, you won't be out one single cent!

OK Guys... So What's This Gonna Cost?

Obviously, you see how our unique, exciting, one-of-a-kind training can help push you to the next level... or you wouldn't have read this far.

Sure, you'll find a workshop here, a summer camp there... but very few programs can show you how to be twice the dancer you thought you could be.

So what's it worth to you to get this type of high-caliber dance training- now that you know this experience doesn't exist anywhere else in the city?

You could go looking around... but you'd only be wasting your time. =)

Imagine... How Much Could YOU Learn In Just One Summer?
Ask Yourself- What You Would Give If You Could:

LEARN NEW killer dance steps and intricate dance routines

WORK with EXPERIENCED dance instructors and professional choreographers

EXPERIENCE a great body and brain workout in every rehearsal

DEVELOP amazing NEW RELATIONSHIPS with your new company friends

LEARN TECHNIQUES to pick up routines quicker and easier

GET EXTRA MOTIVATION and new inspiration to continue dancing as a career

BOOST your physical fitness level and increase your stamina


MASTER more choreography and wicked new moves

GET FIRST-HAND, behind the scenes knowledge and info STRAIGHT from the horses' mouth

HEAR dance industry tips and get personal, experienced advice

ENJOY working and training in an EXCLUSIVE dance team

PERFORM in a DYNAMITE SHOWCASE in a professional theatre- and have your moment in big lights

INVITE your close friends and family to cheer you on and hear their encouragement

LOVE FEELING really great about yourself and your accomplishments

IMPROVE your performance skills and look back on the CRAZY FUN TIME you had all summer long...

Some companies charge $600, $700, even up to $800 (yikes!) for something similar- but WITHOUT all the benefits,

WITHOUT the proper instruction,

WITHOUT really challenging you to be great,

WITHOUT even caring if you come out successful or not... AND you might not even get to perform. That's a lot of money, and that's just for ONE person!

We know that not everyone makes a lot of money (especially young artists like yourself), that's why we have created an amazing system to help save you some cash.

We don't have to pay to fly up or accommodate other choreographers from other cities- we have the same abilities and the resources right here in Toronto.

We create our own promotional material, design our website, create show posters, make the show programs and design tickets ourselves- so we don't need to hire other marketing companies.

We LITERALLY do it all. We're involved in every aspect of running your summer: we teach your sessions, organize your rehearsals, select your music, select your funky clothing, and organize, promote and run your entire show... and more!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Do you think you're ready for a intense, fun summer of dance?

If you are selected to be a part of this year's team, you'll get all these amazing benefits (and a ton of FUN) for a low, low tuition of only $297.

That's impressive value you won't find anywhere else. Now you'd definitely be flat-out CRAZY not to AT LEAST GO to the audition, wouldn't you?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All The Little Extras Count! There's EVEN MORE
Special Bonuses Thrive! Members Receive:

Get practice CD's of the songs you'll be dancing to- take it home to rehearse and fine tune your choreography

A Thrive! contact list- phone and email list of all the directors and all members (your new friends) so you can easily get in touch

Group hang out sessions- events outside of rehearsals where you get to socialize and chill with the group (your new "family")

Receive first preference on Thrive! or Shawn B or DANCE INC related workshops, classes and events with limited class sizes

Get Shawn B's Free Newsletter by email- received by dancers across the country informing them of new classes, workshops, upcoming events and other info

A private message board on our website- we'll post up any special or important info on a private page just for you

Nothing else even comes close
to the program we've created here in Toronto.

So hurry, grab a pen and write down the following information- because you won't want to miss your limited opportunity to be in the next session.


WHEN: Sunday June 10, 2007

- JUNIORS: (Age 10-13) 12 NOON
(Sign in @ 11:30am)

- SENIORS: (Age 14 +) 1:30 PM
(Sign in @ 1pm)

WHERE: Turning Pointe Academy of Dance
105 Vanderhoof Ave (Laird & Eglinton)

ATTIRE: Comfortable street wear. Running shoes. *Dress to impress*

Bring Your Game, We'll Bring The Rest

No, you won't need to bring a routine. We'll be teaching you choreography. But be sure to:

1) Come with comfortable running shoes;

2) dress to impress;

3) be ready to dance your best, and

4) only bring a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Get yo' mind right before you come down! We're only accepting so many people, so not everybody will be accepted.

And be sure to come sign in early, so you can sign in and get yourself nice and warm.

If you KNOW, deep in your gut that this is for you- and you have a burning desire to improve your dance skills in a positive, challenging and inspiring environment, come on down.

Spread the word to your friends, because we're looking forward to starting up again- and having a wicked time. You don't want to miss out on this year's very cool dance session.

You've proven to yourself if you read this far, you're interested in taking your dance training to new heights. Now, the rest is up to you. Will you sit back and do nothing, only to watch the show from the audience... or will you be on stage workin' it?

If you want a piece of the action, make sure you don't miss our audition. We look forward to seeing you there!


Jeff Wong
and Shawn Byfield

PS: Remember, if you're looking for an awesome dance experience and you truly want to improve your hip hop skills this summer... and then show them off in a hot urban show, you need to be dancing with us. And at this INCREDIBLY LOW tuition price, you won't find the same fun, "dance-till-you-drop" opportunity anywhere else.

Write down your audition time above, and get ready to throw down!


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