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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I audition for Thrive!?
A: Auditions happen only a few times a year for Thrive!... and when we do hold one, we put up posters and send out email notices to our list. Subscribe to the Free Newsletter to find out how you can be at the next audition- and you'll also learn about other upcoming events and classes. Enter your info in the form on the left of this page.

Q: When is the next Thrive! audition?
A: If you would like to be informed of the next audition, subscribe to Shawn B's Free Newsletter- that way you'll always be in the loop! It can happen at any time, so make sure you visit this site often. Click here to see what events or dance auditions are coming.

Q: How old must I be to dance in Thrive!?
A: The ages range from time to time, depending on the type of company we're looking for. The youngest age we work with is 10. Unfortunately, there are no classes for young children, but we do hold workshops periodically for younger ages. Check your local phone book to find children's programs.

Q: Are you a dance studio?
A: We operate just like a dance studio, but better! The Thrive! Dance Crew rehearses for about three months. You'll work harder than you would at a studio, but you'll have way more fun! Click here to learn more about our dance training.

Q: Do you teach beginner classes?
A: Yes, beginner classes are available from Shawn B only. Basics 101 is a great dance class that Shawn teaches. It will teach you some hip hop basics. For beginner hip hop dance in Toronto, click here. Register today as space is limited.

Q: Do you offer private lessons?
A: You bet! If you're seriously into private lessons, one on one training can be arranged. Contact us today and we can discuss your options.

Q: What's the cost for dance classes in Toronto?
All dance classes range in price. For registered sessions, visit Shawn's website to learn more. For other classes, contact the Studios directly for info on their student and professional rates.

Q: How long is each class?
A: Most
classes run between one hour or one hour and a half. Some studios have one hour long classes- better check their schedules and contact them directly for more info.

Q: I haven't danced in "x" years... what level should I take?
A: Naturally, everyone's ability is different. Choose a level that will allow you to feel comfortable and have a good time. If you haven't danced in many years, DO NOT jump into an advanced level class right away. You want to leave feeling good about yourself, not discouraged or intimidated.

Q: How much do you charge for choreography?
A: Our rates are very reasonable, and vary according to the specific project you require. Please send us an email today so we can discuss your needs.

Q: Where are the dance studios located?
A: All the studios we teach from are located in downtown Toronto. Click here for more contact info and directions.

Q: I don't know if I'm ready... can I just watch a class?
A: Sure you can watch a class, but you'll have more fun if you join in! Besides, you won't be able to see what YOU can do by watching everyone else. If you haven't danced before, a BEGINNER class is best for you- you'll need the basics before you can take any other class levels.

Q: What happens when you're away?
A: There are times when other professional engagements will take us away from classes. When that happens, we:

A) invite other pro teachers to cover for us. Please check the calendar before you come! Every class is always a fun and challenging one, regardless of who's there!

B) There may be the odd circumstance where we will have to cancel the class. If you subscribe to the Free Newsletter, you'll know in advance so you won't show up when nobody's there!

Q: What should I wear to dance in?
Dress funky, look your best! Wear light clothing that will allow you to move freely, feel comfortable, and help you dance your best. Don't forget running shoes! Yes, you will get dirty. Yes, you will get sweaty. And yes, you will be working hard. Bring a towel, or a change of dry clothes as well.

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