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Thrive! Entertainment
DIRECTORS: Jeff Wong, Shawn Byfield
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: Melissa Nascimento

Bios for: Jeff Wong | Shawn Byfield | Melissa Nascimento

Tha Office 2007 Press Release

Shawn B Jeff Wong Melissa Nascimento

Thrive! Entertainment
is the most unique and most versatile company in Toronto's street dance scene. The Directors Shawn Byfield and Jeff Wong combine their creativity to build some of the most exciting and entertaining choreography in the city.

As choreographers, dance instructors and show producers, Thrive! Entertainment persistently makes Toronto's dance scene an inspiring place to be, and they each share a burning passion and love for Toronto's dance culture.

The directors have extensive experience in the dance community performing, teaching and choreographing since 1990. Jeff and Shawn have appeared on numerous television shows and commercials, live corporate shows and feature films, and have also traveled North America, the Caribbean and Europe performing, teaching, and sharing their passion. Individually and together, they have worked with top artists such as Barry Lather, Sisqo, Gregory Hines, Jon B, Erykah Badu, James Brown, Vitamin C, Nasri, Amanda Marshall, Snow, Boyz II Men... just to name a few.

Live on stage

Entertainment has auditions every year for a select group of dancers to participate in the Thrive! Dance Crews. Dancers receive intense training, learn fresh choreography, make new friends, improve their dance skills and have fun performing in one of the top-selling dance showcases in the city. They also receive and keep cool dance gear as well as many, many more benefits and perks.

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On Stage!As choreographers and producers, they continue to elevate the dance scene with their successful and well received showcases. They recognize the achievements and diversity of Canada's urban scene, and enjoy creating opportunities to show off hot new dance talent.

When it comes to fresh and unique ideas they remain at the forefront in bringing ideas to life.

We can also create original choreography for:

Trade Shows - Product Launches - Promotions - Corporate and Fundraising Events - Conferences - Films - Conventions - Music Videos - Seasonal and Holiday Entertainment - Television Shows - Commercials - School Events - Concerts - Dance Studios - Fashion Shows - Community Events

With the unwillingness for mediocrity, Thrive!
Entertainment strives to develop the most creative, "illest", and entertaining choreography. They enjoy interacting with the community by producing exciting dance showcases, as well as providing intense workshops and classes. As a team, they continue to uphold their reputation for being creative and professional leaders in the entertainment industry.


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